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You have a unique story. 
       The right portrait can help you tell it.

You have a unique story.
      The right images can help you tell it.

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...And it's not as hard as you might think--even if you hate the idea of having your photo taken.  you don't have to be a model, you don't have to know how to pose, and you don't have to be nervous.

You just have to be you.

Whether you're an entrepreneur seeking new images for your website, a working professional who wants to upgrade your LinkedIn Profile, or you simply want a go-to photo that actually reflects your personality, it's time to invest in a quality portrait...

"The value of these images are priceless in portraying the feel of our business - the experience was so easy,
comfortable and relaxed."  -Ken

 Ken Jones, Village Auto Care

"What sets me apart from other mechanics is a sense of trustworthiness and honesty in a business that's sometimes been thought of as ruthless. I love seeing satisfied customers and my philosophy in getting there is a commitment to building those
long-term relationships."

Location is a huge factor for auto mechanics, and Ken is very centrally located in the University District of Seattle, adjacent to the popular
U-Village. Seattle-ites in nearby neighborhoods, as well as UW students, are a large part of Ken's clientele.

A standout part of Ken's character is his warmth--a huge asset for him as a mechanic. We wanted to showcase that friendliness in his portraits while also feeling open and direct. Ken is often seen sporting UW gear and finds it a fast way to connect with customers.

 amy may,  Interior Designer

Amy's soulful design process allows for full collaboration to explore deep into the feeling and mood for a space. In that way, she can ensure it reflects her client’s personality and lifestyle. Amy has years of experience and is truly passionate about helping to transform lives by transforming spaces.

The clients of May Designs understand how their environment can affect their lives and see interior design as a form of self-care. Amy is Seattle-based with an eye towards beauty and aesthetics. They enjoy the process and see the positive impact in their daily lives and relationships

Color, texture, environment. These things were all crucial to setting the mood for Amy's would-be clients. To emphasize texture in shadows, we used natural side-light, and were sure to incorporate loads of colorful ambiance with office background, props, and wardrobe choice.

"Jenny was able to capture the true essence of my work that allows potential clients to learn more about me and what it would be like to work together even prior to our initial meeting."  -Amy 

 Jim O'Halloran,  Jazz Flautist

"Jenny has a gift for making a person feel relaxed --the end result is terrific photos which convey  professionalism and credibility."   -Jim O.

"Every time I pick up my instrument I make sure there is a connection with something larger than myself. I remember when hearing both Miles Davis and Keith Jarrett live, it was clear they were channeling-they were a conduit for something bigger than all of us. That’s my ultimate goal.

Jim originally came to us with a desire to heighten his brand to appeal to a more elite client base which would allow for a lot of artistic freedom.  He wanted the images to show him as passionate, creative, and having a great time!

I wanted Jim's portraits to be reminiscent of being onstage at a swanky jazz club so that those venues and types of clients would be able to picture him there very easily. To achieve this, I used directional lighting with an additional accent light behind him. 

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about jbp

Jenny is a midwestern farmkid by upbringing and is equally in love with city lights and culture and country solitude. She started JBP in 2008 while living in NYC, and while its focus has shifted over the years (notice the pun?), she's always been most intrigued by the human connection in photographs and continues to strive for that connection with each and every client. 

Jenny Boyle Penney

Jennifer Boyle Photography is committed to becoming an inclusive, equitable, and anti-racist organization. I am learning what that takes, and I'm dedicated to progress. If there is anything in my actions or representation that you feel contradicts these intentions, please reach out to let me know. 

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