Survival Tips from Working Moms

It takes a village. Isn’t that what they say? A mother’s day, really, never ends. From the early morning wake ups to the evening breakdowns, and everything in between, being a parent is NO JOKE. Whether it’s in the office, or at home, I haven’t met a mom yet that doesn’t work HARD. And working your day job while trying to find time for family life poses its own set of challenges. So we asked some of our clients a few questions to steal some of their balancing expertise…

When do you have time for yourself? How do you decompress? How do you balance work life and family life?

These extraordinary moms share their tips on how to find balance in their busy lives…

“Going for walks with my daughter is a great way to pull my head out of work mode and listen to her share her day without distractions, which is important since I work from home.” —Rebecca Rowland, Rebecca Rowland Interiors

“My keys to balance are lunchtime workouts during my workday and early Sunday night dinners with girlfriends.” —Sara AkerlundSara Akerlund Massage

“To re-balance my life my activities have included a bunch of things like taking a class, joining a masters swim team, meeting with friends, having a clothing exchange/tea party, walking in a park, and joining a dance troupe. The most immediately satisfying and quick thing I probably do most often is getting into a hot bath and staying there a long time.” —Nancy Goldov, PsyD, LP, BC-DMT

“The only way I have found balance is to delegate as much as possible and then some. First delegate everything that seems reasonable and then delegate other things that you thought only you could do. As a small business owner, we tend to believe that list of thing only I can do is considerable longer than it actually is.” — Martine Dedek, Studio Evolve

“I think it really comes down to asking for help.  As a mom, and a female business owner, I always thought I should be able to do it myself.  I was capable and confident, but the reality is, especially with kids, you can feel worn down and kind of get frustrated that you don’t have the patience you need or the time to focus on just one thing (there’s always, laundry, cleaning, cooking and homework in the background).  It’s important to ask for help, whether it’s from friends, family or partners. Just ask. It’s ok.

The other thing is not really about balance, but about self care.  I realized into my kids teen years (or maybe because my kids were teens) that I was a better parent when I got enough sleep.  That might mean the occasional power nap before the kids got home from school or just making myself get into bed at a reasonable hour instead of finishing chores that I knew needed to be done.” —Ngaire Taylor, Movement Mortgage

“I am lucky to have a supportive family nearby. From childcare, to the occasional date night, my in-laws are my heroes when I really need a break. A hot shower or bath in the evening help me decompress from the busy day. A glass of wine with my wife, or a bottle with friends, that can usually do the trick as well. I am also thankful for having a job that gives me the flexibility I need as a mother of a young child.” —Nancy Lowe, Studio Manager, Jennifer Boyle Photography

“I’m really lucky to have a job that affords me some flexibility. At times, though, that translates into me biting off way more than I can chew in every direction. That’s when I sit down with my schedule and ask myself ‘Is this something that enriches my family life or my business?‘ and if not, I have a much easier time saying no.

…And also massages.” —Jennifer Boyle Penney, owner of Jennifer Boyle Photography & Jenny Penney – Family Documentary Photography





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