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SummerSlam 2012

A few weeks ago I got to spend some good quality time with some of the people who are most important to me in the world–my niece and two nephews.  I know it’s what everyone says, but how did they grow up so fast??  I found myself being a little bummed that they’re not little kids anymore, until one day when Debi and I (she’s 11) got into a great discussion on The Hunger Games.  How awesome is it that we’ve both read the same book and can talk about what we each liked and disliked?  Pretty awesome.

My oldest brother, Jesse, had the kids outside involved in a lengthy wrestling match (honestly not sure who started it but my bet is on the boys, Owen and Aaron).  I was only around for about five minutes of it, then went inside to chit-chat with my sisters-in-law in the kitchen.  Twenty minutes later, 3 kids came straggling in–breathless and smiling.  It was the best.

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