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Lake Stevens–snowshoeing adventure!

I did love living in NY (most days).  It’s a city that truly is like no other place on earth.  It’s filled with opportunity, culture, and diversity.  I loved walking down the street in Brooklyn and listening to everyone else’s conversations.  I’ll miss seeing the amazing, centuries-old architecture on a daily basis.  You just never know what your day holds in that city.

But this–a daytrip snowshoeing adventure–is exactly why my husband and I chose to leave NYC.  We’re not New Yorkers at heart–he grew up in Vermont and me in Minnesota.  We needed some wide open spaces and we needed to enjoy nature again.  And there’s really no better place in the country for that than the Pacific Northwest.  We live in Seattle so we still get to enjoy city life, but within an hour or two of us, we can be in the mountains, or at the ocean, or in a RAINFOREST!  It’s a pretty special place.

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